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Othello Language Essay, Research Paper

Task: Show how Othello`s language reflects the change in the mood between the

early part of the play (act I) and act III scene III (line 334, end, and the

death scene). Intro: Othello is the story of an African general who falls in

love with a rich Venetian nobleman?s Daughter, to wed her, but after a short

while things aren?t all what they seem. When lieutenant Iago puts his foot in

it and stirs up relationships to degenerate general Othello out of jealousy.

Othello loses it and thing?s go very downhill. Act I scene II: In this part of

the play it does not seem as though Othello is a man who likes trouble within

his environment unless on the battleground. He likes to keep an idyllic

situation, quote ?Tis better as it is? (Othello at the start of the play )

he uses short and simple language. Next Othello says, ?let him do his spite,

my services which I have done my signiory? He is telling Brabantio to say what

he wants as the council will never put me away for the services I have done for

this country. Othello knows he?s in control, he shows this by using words like

Stuff, I lack,……service, Yerked, Magnifico, Give him cable, etc. The first

impressions of Othello are: YEAH, THIS GUY KNOWS, WHAT HES DOING FOR SURE, as he

is a fluent speaker, good with words and very highly confident. He shows his

confidence when he speaks quote ?My parts, my title, and my perfect soul shall

manifest me rightly?, -he is trying to say I know what I am doing, and what I

am doing is right. ?My life upon her faith?, -Again confidence. Desdemona

will not say a word against my actions or me. He has exact control of all

situations and conversations. We can see all this observing his general code of

language and his behaviour when in difficult situations. In his second quote he

says to Brabantio that, you can say what you want, I shall allow you, as I knows

that I will not go to jail as I have done too much for Venice. (Again

confidence). When the council is questioning him, he manages to sweet talk his

way out of it by using the tone of his voice (calm and gentle) and words like,

Most reverend signiores etc. ?But I love thee gentle Desdemona? Is his next

quote to the council. His vocabulary is very big and he thoroughly has control

of his sentences and actions. Othello starts off with his characteristic

dignified idiom but due to a man, whose every utterance is deception, who takes

Othello into false words to change the identities of his loved ones to be his

worst enemies, Othello degenerates to become a psycho. Othello first uses the

power of his speech (to show his position), to create his image, but then falls

to be, in a way, a psychiatric (false), villain, who kills his friends, and his

only family. Iago does not show his opposition to Othello but does always create

a yes sir, yes sir, three bags full sir atmosphere when around him. (False

friendship). Othello often uses colourful words in sound and in his speech

(e.g.; – Keep up your bright swords, for the due will?…shows he is also a

powerful speaker. Othello never steps out the soldier image and he always keeps

precise speech, sincerity and devotion to his job. Even in his fall he stays a

soldier- ?Damn her, lewd minx! Oh damn her, damn her (three times), come, go

with me apart, will withdraw, to furnish me with some swift means of death, for

the fair devil, now art though my lieutenant?.. Towards the end of the play,

Othello begins to lose his powerful speech in himself, as he is not so

confident. What Iago says about Desdemona and Cassio, he starts to believe, but

then he is unsure of it, he even loses it physically, where starts to have

eppiliptical fits. In and around act III scene III Othello begins to lose his

self-confidence, where he begins to see his wife and himself through Iago?s

eyes. He also begins to corrupt himself because of Iago?s characteristic

expression. His style begins to break down, and he begins to get very agitated.

Othello starts to repeat his words three times just to establish himself. When

he talks of his wife he uses words such as pish, nose, ears, lips, its possible,

confess, handkerchief, oh devil. These words now, would not signify much but

then were quite erotic words suggesting that Othello actually believes the lies

and suggests the degeneration of General Othello. From the point where Othello

has an eppiliptical fit, he and Desdemona fail to understand each other?s

language. Othello?s language is almost all the time violent and aggressive

through his emotional jealousy, which leads to vile acts of emotion. Still

Othello does not forget his soldier image.

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