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Genres Of Movies Essay, Research Paper

Tim Robison

English 1101.03


March 30, 1999


Topic: What types of movies do you prefer? Discuss these categories and explain your preferences.

I. My idea of a good movie

A. What I like about watching movies

B. Favorite types of movie

1. Comedy

2. Action/Adventure

3. Horror

C. What I think about the movie industry

II. Comedy

A. Believable

B. Make me laugh

C. Normal people

D. Half Baked, Friday, Dazed and Confused

III. Action/Adventure

A. Good story lines

B. Good special effects

C. Sense of being in the movie

D. Rush Hour, Enter the Dragon, Face Off

IV. Horror

A. Special effects

B. Suspense

C. Antagonist

D. Carrie, Exorcist, Seven

V. My idea of a great movie

A. Why I like comedy movies

B. Why I like action movies

C. Why I like horror movies

D. Why I like movies


I like different types of movies and I love to watch movies because they provide a sense of reality in them. I have three favorite types of movies because I feel like I can get involved with them any time I want. I like comedy, action/adventure, and horror movies the best out of all the genres of movies.

Comedies are my favorite types of movies for many reasons. One reason is because they are very believable and could really, for the most part, happen. I love the way the make me laugh because I feel good when I laugh. The characters in comedies are very believable because the are just like regular people. Some example of great comedies are Half Baked, Friday, and Dazed and Confused.

Action/adventure movies are great because they bring a sense of adventure into life. They have very good story lines that combine real situations with outrageous circumstances. The special effects are great because it adds emphasis to the action and story line. Action/Adventure movies are the easiest to get involved in and feel like I am in the movies. Some examples of Action/Adventure movies are Rush Hour, Enter the Dragon, and Face Off.

Horror movies are another one of my favorite genres of movies. Special effects are great in horror movies because the way a person can be turned into a monster very quickly. Horror movies are very suspenseful and they leave you on the edge of the seat when you are trying to figure out the killer in the movie. Also, I like horror movies because of the antagonists are always cast as psychos and the actors play the parts well. Some examples of horror movies are Carrie, the Exorcist, and Seven.

My idea of a great movie is on that combines comedy, action, adventure, and horror all into one movie. I love comedies because they make me laugh. I like action/adventure movies because they are real and outrageous at the same time. I like horror movies because a little scare is always good. I like movies because they can take me away from reality.

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