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The Depression for the US lasted from 1929 until 1941, resulting in a decline in production and rise in unemployment. Hoover regarded the Great Depression as a recurring downturn that will eventually recover. Therefore, he didn’t rush to give direct relief assistance to the needy. Hoover didn’t want to intervene or have the government get involved in restoring the economy because he’s afraid of the dependence upon the government.

Hoover’s response to the Great Depression was to restore public confidence so that businesses would resume its place in investing and expanding production. Like Roosevelt, Hoover was not in favor of direct government relief to the poor. However, they both supported the federal government to institute public construction projects to provide jobs for the unemployed. However, instead of giving direct aid to people, Hoover would have a federal government to provide funds in form of loans to producers. In turn, the producers would use the loans to keep themselves in business, maintain production, and to keep workers on the pay roll. Consequently, the increase in more goods and services led to increase consumption. Moreover, Hoover made attempt to assist the troubled agricultural economy by trying to make farm prices as high as possible so that farmers don’t go bankrupt. In addition, he also proposed direct action by the government to provide welfare assistance and emergency financing for troubled banks and other associations.

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