Реферат: Gay Teacher Files District Complaint Essay Research

Gay Teacher Files District Complaint Essay, Research Paper


Gay teacher files district complaint


We bring our children to school to learn and to broaden

their minds. We learn about Martin Luther King Jr. and the

struggle that he went through, in order for us to have equal

rights, in the U.S. We bring our children to grow up as

well-rounded individuals. But something happen in a High

School in Hemet shows that we; as adults, still have some

growing up to do. Alta Kavanaught, a teacher of eight years

at West Valley High School; in the city of Hemet, is

complaining to the school board of the administrators

violating a state law of discrmination by transfering a

student out of her class because of Alta’s sexual

orientation. The girl was transferred out of her class

because of her parents complaining about that Ms. Kavanaugh

is teaching tolerance towards homosexuality in the

classroom,and homosexuality is against their religon.

I don’t care about the difference between a gay teacher

and a straight teacher, just as long as they are good at

teaching. It really makes me upset that people would go to

the extreme measures for their stupid beliefs. This just

shows that people can be so ignorant. If we can just get

rid the world of all this streotyping nonsense and racial

stupidity, the world would probably be a much more better

place to live in.

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