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Drugs Essay, Research Paper

Why should we team up against drugs?The answer to that question is very simple. Drugs can absolutley do nothing to help you in your life. The only sure thing that drugs can do for you is either is put you in jail or kill you. And I can think of many things on how it can ruin your whole life. And music promotes a lot of this, even in the sixties when it was illegal to write songs about drugs.

What if you were on the verge of going to a professional sport such as the NFL. It is your senior year in college and the NFL is looking towards signing you, and it looks good. You are everything they are looking for in a football player. The only thing they don’t know is that you smoke marijuana. You might think that it is a harmless drug but it actually slows you up and affects the way you think. It could change the way you think and you might not know what your doing after using it so much. So the NFL is going to give you chance, to see if you are the person their looking for. Once you hear this you go and celebrate with some of your best friends. Turns out, that a cop is looking for one of your friends because he has been charged with selling drugs. The cop comes knocking on the door of the apartment and busts you and your friends. You are busted for possession and thrown in jail for a long time. And now you don?t have a single chance of ever getting into the NFL.

Say you have two little brother that look up to you and like to follow you around and do the same thing that you?re doing. And one day after play basketball with them, you friends show up. So you tell your brother to go home, but they decide to stay and hide behind the bushes. While they?re hiding, you and your friends start smoking marijuana. Your little brothers see you and want to try some, so at night they sneek into your room and find some under your bed. So they take it and go over to there friends house to smoke it. And pretty soon your brothers and all their friends are addicted. And let?s say one of them gets so high that they think their invinsible, and he walks straight into traffic and get killed by an on-coming car.

On the weekends, there is at least one party planned. Teens will find someway, no matter what, to get either drunk or high. Many will lie, steal, or kill for some. Although many teens don?t use drugs because it is unacceptable, there is an increase in drug use among teens today, because sports, athletes, movies, and music make it appear acceptable. Many young people consider athletes, actors, actresses, and musicians as role models. There are many biographies on television that deal with celebrities and their drug use. Young people see these shows and think that drug use is just a part of growing up and that they will have to do it sometime so they get it out of the way.

Mr. Tambourine Man, by Bob Dylan, was about drugs. This makes sense, because it was against the law to write songs about drugs in the 1960s when Mr. Tambourine Man was composed. The translation is simple: Mr. Tambourine Man is the drug-dealer. ?Take me on a trip upon your magic swirling ship…? is asking the drug-dealer for the drugs, and then the lyrics go on to describe the feeling after consuming hallucinogens.

Puff The Magic Dragon, was often believed to be about smoking marijuana. And some thought it was about a little boy and his dragon. If you think about it the title tells it all. It?s the same thing as Mr. Tambourine Man, using matephors and and coded words.

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