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Divine Discontene Essay, Research Paper

Each and every human strives to be better.A desire, a subconscious power, known as divine discontent leads them to dedicate themselves twoard becoming better or achieving greater goals. Divine discontent leads some to happiness, and others who do not succeed to failure. This power, divine discontent is an unavoidable human nature which has made the world what it is today. Divine discontent is set off by an inspiration of some sort. Any object or action the eye sees, or any sound the ear hears may wake an idea in the human mind,an inspiration of some sort, which compels one to strive to be better. The inspiration gained from the ideas produced by the humaan brain, puts ideas in one’s mind. Ideas such as: how wonderful it would be if I was better at or that, or if I had this or that. These ideas put one in a state of wondering, causing anxiety to build up to the pointwhen one must act upon their inspiration, and baisically act out divine discontet.

Divine discontent is inevitable to human nature. It is a part of each and everyones subconscience whethe one likes it or not. Knowingly or not, each human at some point of their lives has been inspired to become better or to own something and has striven to accomplish the desire which had been created by the inspiration. Divine discontent is a great power in the subconscience of every human being which drives the success of the world. Through this subconscious power, each individual strives to be better, therefore adding through their accomplished goals, to the society and making it successfull. Today’s society has to thank divine discontentfor being what it is today for divine discontent is the power which has made our society grow, and will keep on doing so in the future.

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