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Euthanasia Essay, Research Paper

Pro Euthanasia

The Webster’s dictionary defines Euthanasia as the act or practice of killing or permitting death of hopelessly sick or injured individuals in a relatively painless way for reason of mercy. This states that any individual who wishes death upon themselves but physically aren’t in the position, have a right to be granted it through assistance. Euthanasia is simply an innocent plead to die. Usually, the cases are when a patient is too sick or crippled to walk, talk, or enjoy the simple pleasures of life. At this point, death seems like an easier alternative which can be persuade by the helping hand of a physician or a family member. As murderous and dangerous as it may appear, it is no more then every American’s right to die.

When you are born into American, you have the god given rights of a free man. You have the right to speak out, the right to vote, right to buy a gun, and the right to control the destiny of your own fate. Anyone who feels their life is not leading them to the happiness and satisfaction they deserve, then it is not only their choice, but their right to end their life. Death is not in control of anyone else but the eye of the beholder. One man, Derek Humphrey put it this way in legal terms, “The decision to live or die dies not belong to the courts, to attorneys, to hospitals, to doctors, nor nurses, but to the person whose life it is.” (Euthanasia: Opposing viewpoints pg. 35) Now if that right is taken away from a sick individual who has nothing else to live for, then they will die an unhappy individual. For instance, take a man who is suffering from old age and is now hooked up to five iv’s, has tubes shoved down his throat, and can’t even see. This man feels that ending his life now will be less painful and a quicker, easier way to go. But now if you take away that man’s right to die, he is left with nothing more then his sicknesses and suffering. Now the Constitution says any individual has self determination over treatment and medicine which benefits one’s health. Therefore Constitutionally, one who yearns to die for the benefit of their own health shall be granted that wish, no questions asked.

The whole issue of assisted suicide is made out to be something that’s evil, wrong, and inhuman, but it’s not. People say and think that one who assists another in the ending of their life is a murderer and that it’s a crime. They are quite wrong to think such a think. Assisted suicide believe it or not, is ingenuously a guide to people’s happiness. It’s nothing more then the request to die and have another individual assist you through the process. There are two types of assisted suicide, passive and active. Active assistance is when someone takes the life from a patient before they actually die and passive assistance is where medical treatment is halted resulting in a fatality. Physicians like Jack Kavorkian mostly use the technique of passive assisted suicide where they cut off any critical medication or machinery. This is most preferred than any other method because it makes it easy and painless for the patient, they sleep right through it all. And example of this scenario can easily be someone who’s hooked up to a respirator and is basically living off a piece of machinery. If they have consent with their physician, then the plug on that respirator can be pulled leaving the patient a nice, quiet death. But it’s very important not to forget that it isn’t murder. It’s leading a patient successfully and painlessly to where they are better off.

It is quite difficult to actually understand how it feels to actually want to end your life because of so much pain and restriction. But if just once you could be put in one of these suffering patients positions, then you’d realize how much easier and painless it is to die then to live in a hospital room until you die naturally. Basically it prevents the grueling anguish of pain and suffering one is put through when living on the verge of death. It’s simple, a quick and painless death is far better then sitting in a hospital for year after year, month after month, day after day waiting for your medication to calm the agony. Lillian Boyes was an 83 year old woman who spent the last two years of her life hooked up to a respirator. She suffered from some type of cancer and needed the assistance of breathing through a machine. Lillian spent every day of her last year on this planet laying half conscious in a hospital bed relying on medication to ease her pain. This continued until one day when she consulted with her doctor and had him unplug her respirator. She felt the choice of dying over living would offer her far less pain and suffering, and well, she was right.

Having the right to die is not only beneficial but an advantage. The value of one’s life is not worth living if you are not enjoying it because of a deadly disease or a painful sickness. The opportunity to die can be very beneficial to one who isn’t enjoying life. Euthanasia is a positive issue which offers the unsuccessfully living a chance to quite while they’re ahead.

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