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Extrasensory Perception Essay, Research Paper


E.s.p. or Extrasensory perception sometimes called the sixth sense it is acquiring information without use of the five senses. Other names of e.s.p. in the 19th century were cryptesthesia then relesthesia and then clairvoyance or “ seeing the distance”. It can provide someone with information on the past, present, or future. Although no clear evidence exists e.s.p. has still attracted a lot of attention over the centuries.

E.s.p. was though to have gone back to biblical times however the first e.s.p. tests were conducted at Duke University in 1930. The test was a card guessing experiment-using e.s.p. symbols. There were 25 cards with five of each e.s.p. symbols. The symbols were a square, circle, plus sign, a five-point star, and a set of three wavy lines. These symbols were printed on playing size cards in black ink. The person was to guess the order of the cards, which were randomly arranged. The chance of guessing the right card was 1 in 5.

Theories to prove e.s.p. do exist one being microphages, cells that exist in connective tissue bone marrow and tied to nerve endings these are thought to be the e.s.p. organs. These cells are more sensitive and active in children but deteriorate without proper diet. Another theory involves two subconscious’s’ the second called the superconscious, soul, subliminal self transcend ego, dream self and many others. E.s.p. occurs when the two consciouses cross this doesn’t happen very much because if it did all unconscious thought would overflow the conscious mind, which the mind could not handle.

Dreams are a very efficient time to have an e.s.p. this is because the “barriers” surrounding the conscious mind are the thinnest. Times of crises are also efficient times of e.s.p. because negative thoughts penetrate the subliminal mind much easier than happy. It is believed that everyone is born with e.s.p. but some have a stronger power than others do. Most people have experienced at leased one e.s.p. experience in their lives. A survey said that 67 percent of all adult Americans believed they have experienced e.s.p..

After doing this paper I somewhat believe in extrasensory perception and somewhat don’t. I think that if it means enough to you to save a life or something you’ll know just what to do. And possibly you’ll see things in dreams from the past that you didn’t know. Other than that I don’t think e.s.p. is real.

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