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William Shakespeare Life Essay, Research Paper

William Shakespeare?s parents? names were John Shakespeare, and Mary

Shakespeare. There is no accurate birth date known yet. William Shakespeare

began school at the age 7, in Stratford, his hometown. At the age 13, William

began working with his father in the gloving business. When Shakespeare was

young, he saw plays himself, that made him decide he wanted to be an author when

he was older. Shakespeare wrote poems and plays. Shakespeare based his writings

on his feelings, and things he thought would be great to use. Shakespeare?s

family was made of farmers, and they sold their products to make a living.

William had two sisters, Joan and Margaret. Joan died in 1562; Margaret died at

infancy. Then in 1566 a new baby brother named Gilbert was born. In 1569 a

second Joan was born; Anne came in 1571. She died when she was eight year?s

old. Richard was born in 1574. The last child came in 1580. His name was Edmund.

William Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway when he was18. Anne was 8 years away

from being the same age. They were married on November 27, 1582. Anne gave birth

only 6 months after they were married. Shakespeare?s first child was named

Susanna, born in May 1583. Next he had twins named Hamnet and Judith born in

January 1585. There was no William Shakespeare during the years 1585 and 1592.

Those were known as the lost years. Nobody knew what happened in his life during

that time. Some people think that he was living in London serving as an

apprentice during those years. Other people think that he wrote under a fake

name. Shakespeare wrote 37 plays. The plays were separated into three basic

categories: comedy, tragedy, and history. Nobody knows what play was his last.

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