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Basic Principles Of Writing Essay, Research Paper


The basic prinicples of writing are to relay thoughts, opinions and expressions on paper. The art of writing has been noted to originate in Mesopotamia. Cave dwellers of the ancient civilization carved pictures and symbols on sticks and caves as a means to communicated with other tribes and villages. Even though the exact date cannot be determined as to when the are of writing was invented, it was discovered that writing was developed during the Paleolithic period, about 20,000 b.c. According to Egyptian legend, men first learned how to write from the great god Thoth. Thoth had the head of a long billed bird called Ibis. The story goes that by scratching his bill in the sand, Thoth showed people how to make the signs with which to records their thoughts.

There are many functions that writing can serve; writing is the main communication factor in research, religion, and in keeping a personal journal. Employees use writing to keep employers abreast of current issues that may affect work relations or customer service. Without catchy words and quick phrases that entails marketing, companies would not enjoy the prominent affects of increased sales and bottom line percentages. The flow of company communications are through letters, memos and e-mails.

Writing as it relates to research is extremely fundamental. Historic events and people were documented in various reports and books. Students today would not be able to grasp the torment and struggles that Holocaust victims had to endure while living in Concentration camps such as: Dachau, Aushwitz and Buchemwald. The brutal “Middle Passage” of Amistad; the fight for African-Americans to earn equal rights such as the right to vote would only be a whispered rumor if it were not for detailed periodicals, newspapers and history books.

Writing also fosters the ability to study and practice religion. A person from any denomination can learn the basic guidelines of living a morally correct lifestyle as it directly relates to their religion. Writing was the center from which religion was learned to all men. The builders and keepers of temple observatories had to record the movement of the heavens to predict the rhythm of seasons, birth, life and death.

Writing in a personal journal is key to renewing the mind and spirit. Consistent and continual journal writing will not only improve your style of writing, it will lead a person on the path of authentic dialect and enabling them to link ideas more clearly. Recording personal thoughts and events can have rewarding effects such as tracking personal growth. Writing is key in the process of personal change, it has the potential to shape ideas, attitudes, personalities and ways of thinking. Once the point of the author is understood, the message can have a profound impact on a person’s way of life. An entire life span can be restructured for positive changes with the gift of writing. A writer can influence a reader generations away.

Without writing, modern civilization as we know it could not exist. Writing gives permanence to mens knowledge and enables them to communicate. It is a necessary condition of continual growth for modern day civilization. The complex society of a higher civilization would be impossible without the art of writing.

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