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Holocaust Essay, Research Paper

Causes of the Holocaust

The rise of the nazi’s and the hatred of the Jews became known as the holocaust. Adolf Hitler being one of the biggest names that is known with the holocaust isn’t the only person that contributed to this massacre of Jews. People where held in ghetto camps and later sent to concentration camps and the things that put this all together was the use of persuasion method known as propaganda. These three things make up the holocaust.

Adolf Hitler one of the main people responsible for the whole holocaust era in Germany but was he the only one for the blame of this massacre? Heinrich Himmler was the commander of the SS and in 1933 after Nazis came to control he took over and expanded the Gestapo. He was also responsible in 1944 for killing of the SA, which was another part of the Army associated it with the Nazi party, was killed by SS a higher rank in the army. He also bargained off Jewish prisoners for his own safety and later took his own life before he could be brought to his trial. Adolf Eichman or “Grand Inquisitor” was a member of the SS, as a child he was fascinated with combat war vehicles and had the same History teach as Hitler who filled their minds with corrupt racist ideas. He was made head of Jewish department and later put a Jewish tax for wealthier Jews to help get rid of the poor Jews. He had an idea to deport Jews to Palestine and suggested using gas and reported that approximately 4 million died in camps and 2 million killed by mobile extermination units. Joseph Paul Goebbles was corrupt pretty much like Hitler. He killed himself and his entire family of six kids after hours Hitler committed suicide on May 1, 1945. Joe was a German politician who was also the minister of propaganda in Nazi Germany. Joe on 1926 was sent by Hitler to Berlin as district leader to represent Hitler. He pretty much called for war and was insane. Otto Ohlendorf is another big name dealing with the Nazi party. He joined the National Socialist party (Nazi) on 1925 was a member of the SA as of 1923 later on joined the SS 126 and 10 years after than was appointed chief of Amt III in R.S.H.A which belonged to the S.D. This is the person that made sure mass executions were carried out and often inspected the mass executions to see they were done properly. Last but not least is Hitler, some people considered him the brains of this whole holocaust. He was the Chancellor and president of Germany between the years of 1933-1945 when Peter Van Hindenberg stepped down and appointed him. Hitler had a way of speaking and motivating people thorough words and his speeches. He also won 2 iron Crosses first class due to being injured in the war, which also helped him to control power. Hitler wrote the book Mein Kampf while in jail telling what a German was supposed to look like and anybody that didn’t had problems coming to then. Hitler persuaded the people that the Jews were bad and took all the good jobs like lawyers and doctors, and this was the beginning of the holocaust. Hitler’s power came to an end when the holocaust starting coming to an end and finally killed it off when he killed himself on the date of April 30,1945. Who knows if Hitler got expected into art school we would might have never seen something of such brutality. Even though Hitler was such a big name many things were left a question after his death.

Ghettos were pretty much the first step of getting all the Jews and “non-perfect Germans”. Ghettos were small villages with an over crowding of population, they put Jewish people in here pretty much like a prison but worse because there was no food for them, most died of starvation and these people were often watched so they couldn’t practice there religion. The nazi’s setup around 365 smaller ghettos in areas like Poland, Soviet Union, the Baltic States, Czechoslovakia, Romania, and Hungary between 1939 and 1945. Those ghettos were temporary until they can be moved into bigger ghettos usually in the bigger cities where these ghettos were closed off with bricks, stonewalls and other type of boundaries. These ghettos also called the Warsaw ghettos had guards set up as well. The largest Warsaw ghettos had up to 400,00 people living in these residential areas, but usually the smaller ghettos held about 3,000 them. They often had real bad plumbing problems and there was no heat, you pretty much had to fend for yourself. Jewish people were required to have yellow star attached on their clothing to identify them as a Jew and even though they were not suppose to practice their religion they had secret practicing’s but so secret not everybody knew they existed. Some people were allowed to leave ghettos but not many when you got here you know there was not much hope left. Jews were later sent on trains packed in tightly to fit as many bodies as possible to concentration camps. Soon after Hitler was appointed, the SA (Storm Troopers) and police established the first concentration camp. Dachau, opened in March 1933 being one of the first Nazi concentration camps. This camp was originally used for only known political opponents of the Nazis: Communists, Social Democrats, and others who had been condemned in a court of law. Later a more diverse group was imprisoned, including Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Gypsies, dissenting clergy, homosexuals and others that criticized the government. Camp Auschwitz was the famous and largest concentration camp of all, started in 1940 had about 39 mini camps located inside and had up 3 main parts. The 1st part was the central part, the second part was called Birkenau, and the 3rd part was the labor camp or also known as Monowitz. “The concentration and death-camp complex at Auschwitz-Birkenau was the largest killing center in the entire Nazi universe; the very heart of their system.” “(”Birkenau”, remember.org/camps/birkenau/bir-introduction.html). BlockII was another torture camp. Phillip M ler said, “the victim had to stand in the blood of those who preceded him.” This camp killed a total of 5 million people in 5 years. Chelmno was established in 1942, this camp killed people while being transported to many of them didn’t even make it to the camp. This camp located in western Poland killed about 150,000 Jews, about 5,000 Gypsies, and several hundred Poles, as well as Soviet prisoners of war, all between December 1941 and March 1943 and between April and August 1944. Concentration camps killed lots of people by gassing, shooting or chemically other ways. They stacked up bodies of over 30,000 in places.

Propaganda was a major ingredient to how Hitler gained control and the nazi’s came to power in 1933. Propaganda was used in visual aids like posters, speeches as well as other things like radios. Once in control their goal was to entrench the totalitarian regime and strengthen the hold on the population. Hitler also got his messages across to large crowds so people understand it as a dictate, he had to make sure it appealed to the people problems they had as well as there emotions. He had to put things in a way that it would get across to the simplest of individual. When Hitler made speeches his main purpose was not to discriminate the points of view that politician or other political parties wanted to spread .He also wanted to make sure people started to think in nazi terms and ways to act in everyday life. The Nazis use of propaganda was to primary focus on the hatred on the Jews by telling people that they were the reason that there were no jobs because they took them all, and tried to blame all their problems on the Jews. They asserted all Germans that Jewish people were the enemy of the Jews. Anti-Semitism was important to weapon of propaganda this could not be ignored as a tool of political warfare and left horrible effects. To get messages across nazis did everything, they made movie and showed films with strong anti-Semitic tones like Juid S ss, and also showed to accept that the killing of Jewish people were normal. Created on March 1933 was the Reich of Ministry of Public Enlightenment, which was a propaganda headquarters. This Reich was in charge by Joseph Goebbles, Hitler’s right hand, and had 7 sections were they set up propaganda. The sections were administration and organization, propaganda, radio, press, films, theater and adult education. They wanted to get as many people as possible to follow in the nazi’s way. Censorship could be considered a method of propaganda, because this was not to allow any negative information against the nazi. This also eliminated other parties and politicians and views because everybody against the Nazis was sent to concentration camps or jails.

The holocaust came ended in the year of 1945. Even though the holocaust was the biggest genocide of a group, in this case the terminating of the Jews similar things can happen, and we had a later issue in America with Martin Luther the king but in more civilized ways. The holocaust was a horrible era in Germany where many Jews were being liquidated and gassed, many people had lots to do with the helping of exterminating the Jews like the people in the Nazi party. The Ghettos were set up for Jews and then later sent to concentration camps were the original use was to put other parties and politicians in there then the later Jews were thrown in and were killed at large masses. A system of extensive propaganda was being used to get the Hitler’s and the Nazi’s message along across to everybody and these aspects formed the holocaust.

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