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College Entrance Essay Essay, Research Paper

In my everyday life, at school and in my community, I have

used the skills I built in 4-H. I have been active in French Honor

Society, Youth Teaching Youth and I am on dance line at Jan?s School

of Dance.

Through all my years of high school I have been an active

member of the French Honor Society. To be a member we are

required to attend meetings and help work at several promotions.

Some of the opportunities I have had through FHS are working closely

with the community in our annual ?Mardi Gras? festival. This past

summer I was able to travel to France for three weeks to tour the

country and stay with a French family.

To have the chance to go into an elementary class and work

hands on with the kids to help them build responsible choices is what

Youth Teaching Youth is all about. I have greatly enjoyed doing this

because I love working with kids and I support the messages that we

teach. YTY also gives you a chance to build relationships with the kids

in the community.

To be a part of a team, it takes responsibility and dedication.

These are two things I have acquired by being on dance line. It is

necessary that everyone is at practice on time and is participating.

Another plus to dancing at Jan?s is she gives her older students a

chance to help teach the younger kids.

These activities are very important in the community that I am a

part of. They give me leadership skills, public relation skills,

responsibility and dedication. All the while I am giving the same back

to the community.

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