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The Cell Essay, Research Paper

The Cell

What do you get when you cross The Silence of the Lambs with A Nightmare on Elm Street? A psychological thriller movie that is full of the most surreal images. This film, The Cell has special effects that reminded me of The Matrix.

Jennifer Lopez plays Catherine Deane, a psychologist who is experimenting with a new drug therapy that enables her to enter a patient s unconscious mind. In the beginning of the movie, Lopez was helping to find a cure for a billionaire s son who is in a coma. When we get to the part where the FBI arrested a serial killer Carl Stargher, played by Vincent D Onofrio, things get out of control.

Sure enough, Stargher winds up in a coma. The FBI came to Catherine Dean for help because she is the only qualified person who could go into Stargher s mind to find his last hidden victim. Instead of going into a nice, peaceful mind, you would expect to find an evil s mind. Catherine encounters terrifying figures that threaten her sanity. These sequences, filled with lavish sets, bizarre visuals, and disorienting camera technique.

As Catherine confronts each of the predator s characters, she becomes seduced by his dark world and in danger of losing her grip on reality. With all the distractions, it is a credit to Lopez s talent that she keeps us focused on her journey through this strange world of the unconscious mind.

I personally liked the movie for its acting, characters, and most of all the special effects. The story was a little boring at times but it deserves to be seen by everyone.

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