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Origin Of Salsa Music Essay, Research Paper

It is true that Puerto Ricans are more involve with the English music. But let not push it! The whole thing about changing merengue started with Dominicans djs at the clubs, especially New York. At that time it wasn t calle merenguehouse or anything like that, it didn’t have an identity. All it was djs making new versions of already straight merengue’s “version discoteca”! They would take regular merengue songs and speed them up a little bit electronically and add sound effects to it as well as extra base, which didn’t sound too well, I used to hate those reformed merengues!

It is true; to my knowledge the first ones that came out with rap and house en Espanol were vico c and all the rest… “voricuas” but The first time Lisa m came out with a merenhouse was together with santi con el tema “chiquitico, she was telling him he was to small to go out with her, which was true…” That song was a copy of the reggae song from el general “said something like la cadera como una botella de coca cola… that song came out as a single son as part of a whole merengue cd from santi. It wasn’t merenhouse, it was just a song from a merengue album that was included on the album as something extra and new, and Lisa M was a guest singer cause at that time she was very popular with plain house en Espanol nothing that had to do with merengue. Because that same song was so successful on her next album, Lisa m again did a single housemerengue on her own which was a song that I liked a lot. The first group to actually come out with that theme of merenhouse and dedicate a whole album to it was projecto uno, and that is why its name “first project”.

To conclude I would like to say that artist like Lisa m are just characters, most of the time “not always” they don t invent anything but they perform, what am getting at is that anything that have to do with merengue has to first go through Dominicans hands cause we are the one have that shit in our blood. On that cd that Lisa M included a merenhouse, on the back cover she was thanking el maestro solano for all the help with that song, she actually made a trip to r.d. to have that song fixed up, and we not only due it for merengueros boricaus but also for salsero boricuas who go to R.D and purchase all those nice romantic songs written by Dominican hands “like ven devorame otra vez one of the salsa biggest hits” and than are the one to be making fun about the funny letters on merengue songs. Mal agradecidos!

Merengue is my life, and anything that has to do with it I know it,

So no te trates de embarra some of my inocent people when am around

por que yo no juego brother… con tono…

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