Реферат: Crash Down Essay Research Paper And if

Crash Down Essay, Research Paper

And if you should crash down and break apart

If all your dreams should shatter and burn in the fire

And if all that you can see is the darkness at the end

Don?t cry…..hold on.

You could have flown away into the darkness

And fly till the end of your days

Dream till the time of the dawning day

Only to find yourself back here again

Some things you just can?t leave behind.

I know it hurts to be alone

And everything you left behind can?t live on

All that you burned still lives on

Somewhere deep inside

So it has broken

All your unspoken dreams now has spoken

And the puzzle is way too complicated

And you…

Still hanging there…with your aching heart

Your shivering mind, your cold feet

Your warm soul.

The lonely heard now sits

Whispering to it?s soul

Holding on to the only thing it can hold.

Breathing the only thing it can take on.

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