Реферат: Aircraft Crash At T S T C

Aircraft Crash At T S T C Essay, Research Paper

An Aircraft Crash at T.S.T.C

A short flight from Fort Hood to T.S.T.C ended with an

extraordinary turn of events, that will never be forgotten.

The aircraft’s landing gear retracted on landing, causing

minor damage to the airframe, the loss of an engine, and

eventually the demise of the aircraft.

As the main gear struck the ground, the aircraft was in

perfect position for landing. The nose of the aircraft was

high, so it could be eased, gently to the ground. The nose was

coming down slowly, but when it made contact with the

concrete, it retracted back into the chin of the aircraft.

This caused the nose to fall to the ground.

This, in turn, caused scrapes on the nose and wings. The

propeller blades bent when they came in contact with the

ground, along with the wingtips. Even after all that, the

aircraft was still flyable, because on an aircraft of its’

size, that kind of damage is considered minor.

Emergency vehicles rushed out to help the pilots out of

the aircraft, when a small fire started in the right engine.

While the fireman was putting out the fire, the truck was

slowly moving forward. Subsequently, the truck driver left the

truck in gear. It bumped into the aircraft’s engine, and kept

on going. Before the driver could stop the truck, it knocked

the engine off of the aircraft. Ironicly the plane was more

expensive to repair, than to buy a new aircraft, after that.

So the aircraft was laid to rest in a spare parts yard.

This proves that small things, that you think will turn

out alright, can have disastrous results. The aircraft could

have been repaired, before the firetruck knocked off the engine.

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