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Downhill Skiing Essay, Research Paper

Style Exercise 1

I can still remember the first time I went downhill skiing; it was a cold and dry November day with little snowfall. Most of the snow on the hills was that polished, jet blown, artificial-ice/pseudo-snow; not the best situation for a first timer.

As I reflect I can still picture that momentous scene as I rolled head over heels down the first couple of hills; then graduating to skidding down on my backside. The first fully successful attempt was great; flying over the packed snow, fighting for balance, dodging trees, all while going 40 M.P.H. It was then that I tried to crouch down and pick up some speed, which ended up with me doing an aerial back flip.

Presently as I lay in a patch of ice crusted snow which was slowly engulfing me; wondering if the cold I felt was my body going numb or the grip of death tightening its grasp on me? Feeling only one point of warmth created by the blood resting on my upper lip and hearing the distant cry of laughter from my brother echoing in my ears brought a semi-consciousness revelation! My drama isn’t going to be as damaging to my body as it is going to be with my ego.

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