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Compare And Contrast The Different Speeches Of Brutus And Anthony Essay, Research Paper

Brutus and Anthony are completely different characters, and they speak differently. They both make speeches at Caesar’s funeral because each needs to influence the people to get them on their side. The whole country is in crisis after Caesar’s murder. The strange thing was that Anthony was at the funeral with the permission of Brutus, which was a mistake which Brutus made. But, Anthony has to be careful, because if he says anything wrong, then he is in serious trouble. Brutus is respected by the public and is very well known. The crowd therefore give him a fare hearing. his speech, is put in prose, and he told the people “Not that I loved Caesar less, but I love Rome more He also said to the people:”Because Caesar was ambitions I slew him.” He says the things like a lawyer, cunning and cleaver. At the end of his speech, the crowd are satisfied with his explanation. Then Antony speaks to the crowd, which is another mistake that Brutus made. Antony’s speech, is written to the heart, and like a poem. He praises Caesar, and every time he talks about Brutus, he is sarcastic. He says that Brutus is an honourable man, and denies Brutus’s charges. He pauses, and determine the mood of the people, and says “Your hearts and minds to mutiny and rage”, and manages to stir up the people, without getting him self into trouble, which is very clever. At this time the crowd want to kill the conspirators, and then Antony holds up Caesar’s cloak and puts his finger through the hole that Brutus had made and the crowd go mad. Then the mob go after the conspirators. Both of them spoke well, but Antony stirs the crowd more, and also being the last to speak, the crowd listen to him

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