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Evolution And Adaptation Essay, Research Paper

Evolution and Adaptation

The Ba?ku turning their backs on technology for a more simpler way of life is that such as the

Omit in toadies modern society. The Ba?ku in the film ?Star Trek Insurrection? where a

primitive group of people, who beleved in a some what hands on type of life. The Ba?ku

decided to leave the technology world behind to live in a place of peace and some what

restricted way of life. By the Ba?ku adapting to a new way of life away from the old way that we

are use to they evolved a new culture. Living off the land and creating an unilineal evolution as

noted in our anthropology book. As to the modern society the Omish people are somewhat the

same as the Ba?ku in the film. They both have some of the same views about the way to live. The

Omish are also primitive people who eat only what they grow themselves. And live in homes

they have build themselves. Similar to the Ba?ku moving to another part of the world to start

life over, not depending on todaies modern technology such as the rest of the world. The Omish

have in some kinds of ways evolved a somewhat different culture from the rest of the modern

world but similar to the ways of the Ba?ku?s.

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