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The Beginning Of Human Flight Essay, Research Paper

The Beginning of Human Flight

The Wright Brothers were interested in flying since their childhood. Bishop

Wright, their father, gave them a toy helicopter when they were young and ever since they

have been interested in aviation. The Wright Brothers are famous for their invention of

the airplane, or the flying machine as it was called then. The first flight of the plane

occurred on December 17, 1903. This was just the turn of the century, yet the Wright

Brothers invented something that would last forever. This was in fact the case. This

flight would spark a race of technology that has taken us from into the air to flying into

space. This also launched the aviation and the space age. The airplane is a major role in

the world. The plane made traveling overseas easier and quicker. The plane was a useful

tool in both of the World Wars. The airplane was a major part of the weapon and

attacking strategy for all the countries with this technology. They say the Wright Brothers

borrowed ideas of others in order to reach their goal. It doesn’t matter because they

accomplished their desire to fly. Today aircraft are truly monsters compared to the Wright

Flyer. The invention of the plane changed the world as we know it. It erased miles and

brought people closer together, and uniting and diversifying the world as we know it. It

went from novel toy for the daring to a tool of destruction. It brings life saving food,

medical supplies, and clothing to those in need. It can carry us to any point on the globe

and bring us back. The Wright Brothers had a dream and the made it happen. No matter

how many times they were told no it wouldn’t work, they kept going and climbing to be

the best and to fly. The research on the Wright Brothers was conducted mostly at Joyner

Library. Also some of the information was obtained from the Internet. Joyner Library

had most all the information on the Wright Brothers there is. Newspaper from the 1903

on microfilm were read to see the first hand accounts from that time. Books were read to

get the second hand accounts. The picture from the Internet were very important on

creating the exhibit. The exhibit was created by showing the things that evolved and the

changes that occurred by the invention of the plane.

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