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Morgana Essay, Research Paper

Morgana fe lay ( From the Arthurian cycle )My brother, king Arthur is nothing but a na ve idealist. His dream, or should I say fantasy of Camelot is nothing but an illusion. All dreams must end when one awakens. When Arthur dies and is replaced our son Mordred, the people will awaken from this dream created by him and by his charisma and the magic of Merlin. Arthur s leadership is based on emotional seduction not on power. It is power and fear that make a kingdom great not dreamy words of idealism. Arthur is a sinner like me by making love to me and having a son that he never loved and neglecting his queen-wife-adulteress Geneviere. And he knows of her affair, hell it is the gossip of all Camelot and yet he does nothing. His kingdom is dying because of his jealousy and hate Of the love that Sir Lancerlot and Geneviere. This hate will destroy his kingdom and yet he loves them both and does nothing because he loves them. Love destroys as does hate.

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