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Joe V. The Volcano Essay, Research Paper

Joe Vs. The Volcano

In the movie Joe Vs. The Volcano, there were a lot of different outcomes you could have got from watching it. The certain characters, events, and how I interpreted the movie inspired me in a little way and made me realize some things.

The movie was about the main character, Joe, and how his outlook on life and his life changed for the better. Joe, as a character, inspired me because the way he thought and knew he was going to die affected the way he spent the last couple of days left in his life. He realized that he needed some fun in his life before dying. That made me realize that I should live every day to the fullest as possible. The way Joe lived his life before he found out he was going to die is definitely not the way I want my life to be. It just made me realize that what I do with my college life right now is going to determine how my life will be in the future.

The certain events in this wonderful movie made me realize how important it is to do certain things in life because you never know when you will go. I think the whole thing with the volcano was to have Joe realize he needed to do something with his life. Him jumping in the volcano proved that he deserved to live his new life. I interpret that into my life. You actually have to go through rough times to get great times out of it. I see college as the volcano. I will work extremely hard in college and it will be rough, but the outcome will repay. I will have the life and career I want.

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