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Steller Sea Lions Essay, Research Paper


In Alaska the Steller sea lions and the many other wild life there are diminishing. People ride on the ferry to get where they are going but to also see the wildlife. The sea lions are battling with the fishing industry to survive. The fishing industry is not the only factor affecting the wildlife in Alaska, but it play the largest role and contributes to the many effects that affect the life and could lead to a solution to control the problem.

First of all, the steller sea lions are being affected by the conditions of their environment. Pollution, warmer waters, lack of food, nutritional stress and commercial fishing are disturbing the sea lions. It is expected that if the situation continues the sea lions could become extinct in 100 years. The younger sea lions that are not able to go down deep to get food are because the are to weak are dying off and make up less than 13 percent of the sea lion population. The warmer waters are favoring only some of the fish species so the variety of fish species is making it harder for the sea lions to find the fish they feed on.

Commercial fishing is the biggest problem because it not only takes the fish away but can kill the sea lions by catching them in their nets.

A solution to the decline of the sea lions could start with the Fishing industry.

I think there should be limits on the amount of fish that can be harvested in a year.

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