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What Is Our World Like Essay, Research Paper

What is our world like.

The question of what our world is like is a very broad indepth question to answer. You can write a reaction paper from many different aspects of this question. The world from my eyes is probably completely different from other peoples opinion of our world. Probably no two opinions are the same.

To me, our world is very technoligically controlled. There are so many different ways for people to keep in touch. It’s almost overwellming to realize how connected our world is today.

It is uncommon today to find someone who dosen’t have a beeper and/or cell phone. Poeple can always be reached anywhere and at any time. In my eyes, technology takes away from family communications. I work as a server in a busy restaurant and it’s amazing to see how many people talk on cell phones during meals. Everywhere you look people are talking on cell phones, in their cars, at malls, in restaurants, in between classes at schools, etc. To me, communication has gotten out of control.

The constant watching of television is also a problem in our world today.In my opinion, the television raises many children. When a child gets too wild, parents often put on the t.v. so the child can watch and calm down. My three year old cpusin would rather watch television than play outside. Many families watch t.v. during dinner time. Like cell phones, another distraction from interpersonal communications.

The topic of technology and its influence on interpersonal relationships is just one aspect of of modern world. I chose to focus on negative issues. There are many different ways to answer what our world is like.

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