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Shakespear Once Said Essay, Research Paper

Shakespeare once said,” We know what we are, but know not what we may be.” While I do not know what my future holds or how I will spend the bulk of my adult life I know that only education will give me the opportunity to detect my interests and enrich my soul. Shakespeare’s quote sent me out on a journey to better understand myself.

Surrounded by thousands of stars, complete silence, and spectacular mountains, I stood atop of the Los Angeles Mountains awestruck by nature’s beauty. The hike taught me several valuable lessons that will allow me to increase my understanding.

Although the first few miles of the hike up did not offer fantastic views, the vistas became spectacular once I climbed above a tree line. Immediately, I sensed that understanding the natural world parallels climbing a mountain. To reach my goal of total comprehension of natural phenomena, I realized that I must begin with knowledge that may be uninteresting by itself. However, this knowledge will form the foundation of an accurate view of the universe. Much like every step while hiking leads the hiker nearer the mountain peak, all knowledge leads to total understanding.

At the summit, the view of the surrounding mountain range is spectacular. The panorama offers a view of hills and smaller mountains. Some people during their lives climbs many small hills. However, to have the most accurate view of the world, I must be dedicated to climbing the biggest mountain I can find. Too often people simply hike across a flat valley without ascending because they content themselves with the scenery. The mountain showed me that I cannot content myself with the scenery. The hike also strengthened my resolve to climb the mountain of knowledge while still taking time to look at the scenery. Attaining this union is my lifelong goal.

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