Реферат: Marijuna Essay Research Paper Detailed Outline and

Marijuna Essay, Research Paper

Detailed Outline and Working Bibliography

I. Introduction

A. Main Ideas

1.History of marijuana

2. Effects of marijuana

3. Why teens use marijuana

4. What marijuana looks like

5. What if someone wants to stop using it

6. Statistics

B. Thesis statement: Marijuana will effect the way high school students act and learn in school.

II. History of Marijuana

A. First known in Central Asia and China 3000B.C.

1. Known as Cannabis Sativa

2. Came from tropical and temperate climates

B. Seen in America?s settlers in 1545(Elizabeth A. Ryan;p.121)

1.Grown by Jamestown settlers in 1607

2.Became second popular drug

III. What marijuana looks like

A. Mixture of leaves, stems, and flowering tops of the Indian hemp plant, Cannabis Sativa ( Funk & Wagnalls Corp.)

B. The psychoactive ingredients of marijuana THC AKA tetrehydrocannabinol and concentrated on flowering tops(Miller, Mark;pg.17)

C. Hashish from cannabis sativa eight times more THC than marijuana (Barry Stimmel,M.D.;pg71)

D. Sinsemellia seedless type of marijuana (Thomas & Dorothy Hoobler; pg.70)

1. Can make $1000 off a single plant

E. Smoke or eaten

1.Smoked out of cigarettes from AKA joints

2. Smoked out of pipes, AKA bongs, or bowls

3. Eaten by baking into brownies or other forms of cakes or cookies

IVEffects of marijuana

A. Can vary depending on both type of user, the nature of the plant, and method of preparation.

1. some teens feel nothing when smoking it

2. some teens feel relaxed when smoking it

3. some teens get bad effects

a. suffer sudden feeling of anxiety

b. have paranoid thoughts

4. some teens feel thirsty and get hungry ?AKA the munchies?

B. Effects the ways you think and act

(internet 2+3 of 6-marijuana: Facts for teens)

1. can mess you up in school, sports, clubs, and with friends

2. teens usually make stupid mistakes which embarrass and hurt them

3. teens lose energy and interest in clubs, sports, and school.

C. Long term effects (3+4 of 6-marijuana: Facts for teens)

1. Cancer

2. Lungs and airways

a. same problem as cigarette smokers

3. Immune system

4. Reproductive system

5. THC disrupts nerve cells

a. hard to recall recent events

b. hard to learn when ?High?

VWhy teens use marijuana

A. Teens use it to be cool in front of friends

1. impressions

B. Peer Pressure (5+6 of 6-marijuana: Facts for teens)

C. Some teens think it makes them feel good (Facts for teens 3+6 of 6)

1. relaxes them

2. forgot recent events

VIWhat if someone wants to quit

A. Hard to find help until a few years ago.

1. No medications yet

B. Know there is some help (Facts for teens 5+6 of 6)

1. treatment programs focus on counseling and group support system

2. special programs for teens


A. Teens (marijuana use among teens since 1992 p. 1 of 2)

1. About 7.3 % teens 1.3% ages 12-17 smoke marijuana last year

2. Increase of 4%

3. 1.8 million teens used illegal drugs

4. the government surveyed the use of marijuana and says on rise among teens after 13 years of declining

VII Conclusion

A. Briefly discuss main ideas

1. History of marijuana

2. Effect of marijuana on teens

3. Why teens use marijuana

4. What marijuana looks like

5. What if someone wants to stop smoking marijuana

6. Statistics

B. Give a strong conclusion on what was learned

1. How to help people stop smoking marijuana

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