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Ancient Civilizations Essay, Research Paper

Ancient Civilizations

What makes us civilized? Could it be the many ancient cultures before us? We

have learned everything we know from our ancestors, from the architecture we use

to make our buildings to the way we speak and interact with one another. I am

going to attempt to learn the many ways that us as human beings have evolved

from the ancient cultures of Islam, Greece, and Assyria.

The Islamic culture is located mainly in the middleast. The ancient Islamic

people consisted of Arabs which were skilled horsemen and were considered fierce

fighters this is mostly because it was believed that death in the defense of

Islam would bring immediate paradise to that person. These people were very

intelligent they studied various topics such as mathematics, philosophy, and

different forms of science.

The Islamic religion is very controversial with the Christianity they believe

in monotheism and there main god is Allah. They believe this LA KAHA ILL ALLIAH;

MUHAMMAD RESUL ALAH which means no god but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet.

Muhammad was born in 570 and was believed a messenger for Allah. Muhammad

acknowledged Jesus, Moses, and Abraham but did not know them as spiritual


In 1400 B.C. Assyria was ruled by imperial power. The king was believed to

have all authority and his prime duty was to protect the land and expand the

empire. There were many palaces central to culture and there were large and

ornamental impressions mostly statues. These statues were very large and they

were placed grounding entrances and doorways this was to show their very strong

military power.

The Assyrian people were ruthless people who crush those who did not follow

the king. We know that they were very strong in military power and war because

there are ancient documents of successful military campaigns. By 650 B.C this

great civilization was in decline mostly financial there were also many

struggles for the throne. Then war broke out and from 625 B.C. to 612 B.C. a

violent war was taking place but in the end the Babylonians and the Medes

destroyed their cities.

The ancient Greeks were known most for their unique religion they believed in

polytheism which means believed in many gods. They did not believe in one

creator of everything, these people believe that there is a god for everything

and that these gods live forever. The were three leaders the god of the sea

Poseidon, the god of the underworld Hades, and the leader of the gods Zeus.

Zeus lived at Mount Olympus this site was the home of the gods all gods lived

here with an exception of Poseidon and Hades. The point of the Greeks having

these gods was to explain the unexplainable. They created myths for why the sun

comes up and sets, it is believed that the god of the sun Apollo pulls the sun

up in the morning on his chariot and pulls it away the same way.

Greek arcetechture has influenced everyone even me and you just think of how

many columns that we have here in America on our courthouses and other

government buildings. There are three types of columns Doric which has a capital

with no volute and has no base. Ionic it has a volute on the capital it looks as

like a scroll and has a base then the last type Corinthian has a volute that is

beautifully shaped on its capital and also has a base.

In conclusion I think that we have learned every thing we know from the

ancient civilizations of yesterday. Now what has been left in ruins are empires

bigger than most of what there is now. If these civilizations didn?t take

place. Would we have religion? Would we have distinct forms of arcetecture? In a

sense people learn from people no one makes up anything its just a modified

version of the past.

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