Реферат: Effects Of Smoking 2 Essay Research Paper

Effects Of Smoking 2 Essay, Research Paper

Smoking has many side effects many of these effects being serious life altering side effects and not simply cosmetic. The cosmetic effects are all well known from the smell of cigarette smoke, to yellowing teeth. But also are the effects of lung cancer to not only the smoker but to anyone who is near them or being exposed to the second hand smoke of the smoker.

Some of the lesser side effects of smoking are first and foremost is the scent of cigarette smoke which soon permeats a person and seems to follow them. This is soon followed by the yellowish dulling color of ones teeth, along with the same yellow colouring appearing on the index and middle finger that hold the cigarette. These effects may not sound too harmful as they are cosmetic in nature and are only on the outside but these can inhibit one in subtle ways. There are many people who do not like smoker be it because of the smell the smoke or because of the stereotype that smokers are “bad”. But these outside effects are instantly noticeable and people can react badly to you and thus make immediate bad impressions on people that you need to make a good impression on. Be it with a teacher, someone who is interviewing you for a job, or simply someone you are trying to get romanticly involved with.

Then there are the more harmful and insidious side effects of smoking. Such as lung cancer, cancer of the throat, and other health problems too numerous to mention. Lung cancer has become very common amoung smokers and it is known fully by most smokers that they are getting cancer sooner or later as long as they continue to smoke as if it is an ineviatble fate. This is not only so to the smoker but the second hand smoke that others breathe in around a smoker is just as detrimental to you health.

Another common illness that may not be caused by smoking but that definitely has a relationship to smoking is asthma. Many modern smokers suffer from “smokers cough” and more of ten then not when this cough and difficulty breathing is examined by a doctor asthma is found.

Smoking is a simple way of relieving stress and helping one to relax. But this method of relaxation is addictive because of the nicotine and sticks with one making it very difficult if almost impossible to quit smoking. This is quite possibly the worst side effect of all as one may be aware of the dangerous effects of smoking and may want to quit the fact will remain it is the nicotine which has addicted you to this dangerous habbit of smoking.

In conclusion smoking is extremely detrimental to one’s health in numerous ways. From the cosmetic appearances that hinder one is any social environment, down to the lethal and very real chance of getting cancer smoking provides far too many problems for what it does.

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