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Fail To Succede Essay, Research Paper

Fail to Succeed

The greatest basketball player of all time was once asked what made him so successful. Michael Jordan then replied ” … I fail, therefore I succeed”. This theory not only applies to those who fly, but also to mortals. When one fails the bitter taste lingers forever, whereas, when one succeeds the sweetness makes all pain worth while.

Sports are life, and in West Texas sometimes more than that. In all my life I have always been on the starting team, no matter what team it was. The reason for this is because I hate to fail. In my life I hate only two things, the word hate happens to be the other. I refuse to let my talent be wasted on the sideline, so I work hard so I will be a starter. Baseball is my favorite sport, and I happen to be very good at it. My junior year in high school I played left field for Midland Christian. I had what others might call an average season, but for me it was very poor. I felt I let my team, fans, family, and my uncle/coach down. This feeling of disappointment stayed with me all summer. I lifted weights and went to camps all summer long, but I never got rid of that horrible feeling. Baseball season came around, and I played better, but still worked hard during the season to get better and better. As a team we played well. It felt good to know that I was a vital part of that team, but the bitter taste from the year before still lingered. At the end of the season I raised my batting average by over 200 points, and reduced my errors from seven to one. I also raised every other statistic I had tremendously. I also made all-district, and all-state honors. The bitter taste was finally overcome by the sweet feeling of success.

I have failed in school many times; one instance was my first college class. History 1302 at Midland College was a very easy course for me. Due to the ease I had with the work I stopped going to class, stopped taking notes, and stopped caring about the class. I ended up making a “C” in that class. I was very disappointed in the grade, and myself. I realize what caused the poor mark, my lack of attendance. In order to fix this problem, and obtain good grades at Hill, I have made a pact to not skip any class if at all possible. Because of this lesson, I feel very confident in my ability to make an “A” in every class I take.

Of the few things I am interested in, girls are very high on the list. Hard to believe, but I have dated my fair share of girls in my life, and I have learned one thing form them all. I know nothing about women and probably never will. Each girl I dated has been a huge failure. The silver lining to this dark cloud is that I have learned a little from each girl. I learned about what I want in the next girl, and what I do not. Personally I do not mesh well with immaturity, selfishness, a snob or a girl who can out lift me. I also learned very quickly how important friendship, trust, honesty, and Christian values are to me. After all my experience I am definitely still learning what I like. I am also learning what I cannot stand in a girlfriend. I have been hurt very bad by the “love bug”, but I keep searching for that one perfect girl out there. Recently I found Miss Right; she is sweet, kind, funny, generous, and almost perfect. She is the perfect girl, she possess all the qualities I was looking for. Although I’m still learning, I can not imagine a more perfect girl. She has made me totally forget those other relationships ever happened. She makes all the hurt, and pain worth while. Finding her is the greatest success of my life.

According to Garth Brooks, “Failure is not failure, if a lesson from it is learned.” Each small failure is a stepping stone to the next great success. This is the only thing that makes life worth living.

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