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Blockbuster Essay, Research Paper

Teddy Owens

English Comp 1

Carol Johnson

12 November 2000

Blockbuster Has It All

In blue and yellow, Blockbuster advertises movies to everyone who drives by. The movie ticket as the logo draws people in. Every person who enters the store is greeted by a, ?How are you doing?? from John the employ who checks people out when they have found their evening entertainment. John has been working at Blockbuster for 2 years now and believes he has found the answer to return customers, ?If you treat them like your friend then they will return. The are hooked once you ask how their day was, or when you tell them to have goodnight with a smile.? Blockbuster is kind to its customers and in return their customers are kind to the business that Blockbuster does.

Every isle is packed with hundreds of movies. Blockbuster has movies that will make movie watchers scream, cry, smile, and laugh. Mike Kimbrel a Senior in college says, ?I can always rely on Blockbuster to keep me entertained. Whenever I am at home and nothing good is on T.V., I just hop in my car and pick up a couple of movies at Blockbuster.? Blockbusters are located in almost every city in the United States. It has over 10 million customers who hold memberships. ?They always have something for me and my kids. Every time I go to Blockbuster I am rewarded with a new movie that I have never seen before, and my kids love the kids section.? Shelley Smolker says as she

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browses through the drama movies.

As a couple looks for a movie a blockbuster employee dressed in a blue shirt and khaki shorts slowly comes up to the couple and asks, ?Hi. Can I help you find anything??

With a movie already in hand the couple is led to the special interest section, where they pick up a movie on birth. ?We were just here looking for a movie to watch tonight and the Blockbuster lady noticed that I was pregnant and told me about a great movie about giving birth. The have everything I need to survive,? Margeret Lyle jokes. ?They will probably be at the hospital prepared to raise the baby with Barney movies,? she adds.

Blockbuster seems to fill the needs of every person who comes through the front door. Blockbuster is a part of millions of families across the world. ?If someone does not return a tape on time, I get to call them and ask them how they are doing and if they would return it as soon as possible. I hate to see them empty their wallets every time they keep a movie an extra week or two.? says John the employ guy at the front of the store. Blockbuster has just recently decided to reach out to even more people just recently. They are selling DirecTV to thousands of people all around the United States, and as a reward for signing up the customer gets a little. They get a year of free rentals. ?If things keep going the way they are, people will have their own blockbuster store inside their family room at home in the next year or so,? adds Margaret Lyle. That thought is pretty odd, but if anyone could do it, it would be Blockbuster.

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