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Lancome Swot Analysis Essay, Research Paper


Rich Experience in cosmetics industry

Lanc?me has been established in cosmetics market since 1935. Lanc?me products have great varieties. Its products include skincare, makeup and fragrance products. In this way, Lanc?me’s experience of producing many different kinds of cosmetics products has been accumulated for 66 years. This remarkable achievement can make the customers more confident of its products.

Guaranteed Product Qualification

In order to improve the quality of all its products, Lanc?me setup several research centers which collaborate with the international medical community to deepen its understanding of skin. Also, there are more than 2000 experts working there who are professional in innovating and developing products in respond to either problematic skin or normal skin.

High Reputation and Professional Image

These two strengths has not been only established by rich experience and large scale of research centers but also promoted by famous model, a unique symbol and institutes. Firstly, the famous models are regarded as intelligence, beauty and spiritual symbols in society, for example, Uma Thurman and Isabella Rosselini. They contributed much in developing and promoting the elegant and professional image of Lanc?me’s products. Moreover, the unique symbol, Lanc?me Fragrance Rose, help to establish a unique and easy to be remembered image of Lanc?me. Furthermore, Lancome setup an institute to provide the customers with comprehensive services such as body, skin treatment, massages and lessons in order to enhance its professional image.


Lack of experience in youngster cosmetics market

Despite the rich experience of producing cosmetics products for adult, Lanc?me is a new entrant in youngster cosmetics market. This may negatively affect the customers confident of Lanc?me products.

A fixed and inflexible image

Lanc?me professional image has been established for about 66 years. Also there is no change in the image and it has been fixed during this period. This image is mainly designed for targeting adult but not youngster. In order to develop youngster cosmetics market, Lanc?me need to setup a new product line or image, which other

competitors originally possess.


Keen Competition in Cosmetics Market

Recently, the competition in cosmetics market has been very keen. Many cosmetics companies such as Fancl, MaxFactor and Shisheido have started to promote their products by all kinds of media. In order to survive, Lanc?me has to develop a new product line to diversify its customer type.

Strong Competitors in youngster cosmetics market

In Hong Kong, there are many well-known cosmetics companies have develop the youngster cosmetics market for several years. For example, Kose, ZA and Biore have become the main dominants in this market segment and they have already provided comprehensive youngster cosmetics products.


The Market segment of age group of 10-15 has not yet been developed

In these years, many market dominants mainly develop the middle-aged group customers, for example, SK II. However, the market segment of youngster is now been less concerned. In this way, we may be benefits a lot from taking advantage of this market segment.

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