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Two Hearted River Essay, Research Paper

In this story Nick and the fish at the bottom of the river share many similarities. Of course the do not look alike but they seem to think the same in a way. They both have reasons to be where they are.

The first one is I think they are both using the river as a place of feeling safe. The fish feels that he is safest while at the bottom and Nick feels safe at the river because he has just come back from a grilling war, he might not be in danger in his home town but being with natural is a much safer feeling.

Nick also probably wants to be away from the people, he doesn?t want the questions of what happened how was it to stir up memorize he might not necessarily want to think about. The fish wants to stay away from the others because he probably isn?t safe.

The river is also where the two probably do their best thinking, Nick, what do to with the rest of my life now that I am back home. He is probably thinking about what happened over there and trying to sort things out. And the fish, how to save my life so I don?t end up on a fisherman?s plate.

I think the fish and Nick have a lot in common symbolically, they both have the same intentions for their actions and they will give them the best results.

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