Реферат: The Great Gatsby By F Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896 – 1940) Essay, Research Paper

The Great Gatsby is widely considered

Fitzgerald’s finest novel. In Tom and Daisy, lie creates two “careless

people [who] smash up things and then retreat back into their money …

and let other people clean up the mess… ”

Gatsby, on the other hand, is larger than

life, a hopeless and hopeful “great romantic,” who represents the worldly

ambitions in all of us. He believes in seizing the “green light” and the

dreams of youth, no matter what the cost.

Then there is Nick, who insightfully describes

both the careless cruelty of the Buchanans and the high-reaching dreams

of Gatsby. He chronicles the events in an honest, sometimes breathless

fashion, then shovels them all into a pile – for the reader to sort out.

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