Реферат: Launching Aircraft From An Aircraft Carrier Essay

Launching Aircraft From An Aircraft Carrier Essay, Research Paper

When an aircraft is launched off the flight deck of a ship at the beginning of the day, it starts off by fueling up. While the plane is fueling up the pilots are down below in their ready rooms getting briefed from their commanders for the days mission. The wind speed is checked by the ships crew on the bridge where they steer the ship, if there is no wind the ship speeds up to make just the right amount of wind and then reports to the pilot?s that the wind is at the correct speed and the ship is in position for launch time. The pilot?s then get suited up and head up to the flight deck and do a walk-around their plane to inspect for any loose or damaged parts. They then get into the cockpit and close the canopy and prepare for flight. The plane is then started by a huffer which is attached to a tow tractor. A huffer is like a small jet engine itself, it blows air into the plane through the engine, one engine at a time. Once the plane is started it is ready for flight, the tie-down chains are removed from the plane and the deck, and the wheel chocks are removed from around the wheels by the aircraft handlers. The plane is then directed to the catapult by the aircraft director with two aircraft handlers, one on each side. The plane is then positioned and connected to the catapult by a launch bar which is attached to the nose wheel of the plane. Once the plane is hooked up and all personnel are clear the catapult makes the right amount of steam and then the catapult operator pushes the button to launch the plane.

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