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The Roswell Incident Essay, Research Paper

The Roswell Incident

Edward O?Brien

March 13, 1997

CP-11 Period 6


Thesis: The Roswell Incident, which enlightened our minds to the

capacity of excepting, has remained one of the most

controversial issues issues today.

I. Introduction to Extraterrestrials

A. Standpoints on Extraterrestrials

1. Society’s

a. Past

b. Present

2. Government’s

a. Past

b. Present

II. Roswell, New Mexico

A. What Exactly Happened

1. Who Discovered the Wreckage

2. Discoveries

3. Bodies

B. Testing in Roswell, New Mexico

1. Military Testing in Roswell

III. The Cover-up

A. Wreckage

1. UFO

2. Bodies

B. The Weather Balloon

1. The Balloon

a. Composite of the Balloon

C. Witnesses

1. The Nurses at Roswell, AAF

2. The Yearbook

IV. Alien Autopsy

A. Bodies

B. Authenticity

V. Conclusion

A. Controversy Continues

B. Final Thoughts

The Roswell Incident

The Roswell Incident, which enlightened our minds to the capacity of

excepting all, has remained one of the most controversial issues today. In

Roswell, New Mexico, 1947, a strange occurrence arises. An alien craft from

outer space crashed in an open field. The issue lay still for almost thirty

years, until the thought of a government cover-up arose.

Society’s opinions have changed over the years. Previous to the 1990’s,

people have despised the thought of sharing the universe with other intelligent

life forms. Now people are interested in this mysterious phenomenon. People

think it is the blame of the movies and television. By watching this, people are

at a level at which they understand. Not only do these movies entertain, they

inform people about the little information we obtained from the government.

The thought of government cover-ups have been long discussed. The

government has always, in the past, tried to keep any sign of aliens, whether it

be pictures from space, to crashes on earth, to a low or nonexistent level. Just

recently has the government been harassed to the point where they actually gave

us clues to alien existence. It has in some ways been believed that the

government has worked in partnership with popular movie directors, to produce

alien movies to ease the thought that we may not be alone. Such movies as ?The

Arrival? and the ever popular ?Independence Day? are very good examples of well

convincing alien movies. If this is true, they did a good job, because

statistics state that 75% of people today believe that there is some kind of

intelligent life forms besides ourselves in the universe. That is very

convincing compared to the 20% whom believed 25 years ago.? New opinions are

always suspected, and usually opposed, without any other reason but because they

are not already common.? (MacGowan 261)

A local New Mexico rancher, MacBrazel, while riding out in the morning

to check his sheep after a long night of thunderstorms, discovered a

considerable amount of debris. It created a gouge several hundred feet long and

was scattered over a large area. Some of the debris had strange physical

properties. He took some debris to show his neighbors then his son. Soon after

that he notified the sheriff. The sheriff then contacted the authorities at

Roswell Army Air Field Base. The are was closed off and the debris was

eventually flown by B-29 and C-54 aircraft to Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio. A

New York Daily News article says ?…either conclusive proof extraterrestrials

have indeed visited earth, or one of the most elaborate hoaxes ever perpetuated

on the public…..? (Dominquez). Besides the wreckage that was found, there

were three objects which were highly debated about. Three bodies, two found dead,

the other to die in a couple of weeks. Whether or not the bodies were actually

found, is only determined by the few witnesses who claim to have seen the bodies.

A few of these people turned out to be very highly respected military officers.

Some people say that the bodies were human which have been exposed to the

radiation. This radiation could have been caused, due to nuclear weapons that

Roswell Army Air Base had been testing, since they were at the time the only

squadron which had authorization to nuclear weapons. This theory was discounted

by most, saying that this kind of deformation would have caused a human being to

die before such damage could occur. Albert Einstein once said: ?….I am

convinced that, there is an absolute truth. If there can’t be absolute truth,

there cannot be a relative truth.? (MacGowan 289) The government has been blamed

with covering up this whole event. They have been claimed to have shipped off

the wreckage to Dayton, Ohio, to avoid publicity. Which is normal, to prevent a

worldwide panic. The bodies however, were not as lucky to have not become public,


The government has, and will always say that the wreckage found was a

secret spy balloon. The people who have seen the wreckage, and believe that’s

what it was, describe it as a bundle of tinfoil, broken wood, beams, and rubber

remnants of a balloon. Most discount this because, why would the government be

messing around with balloons, if they were exploring the characteristics of jet

fighters. Yes, the wreckage did seem like tin foil, at first, until you held the

material, which if you bent, twisted, and did anything you dreamed up of, would

still return to its original shape. They have tried to burn and shoot through it

and had unsuccessfully destroyed it. It is thought that the government has used

this to they’re benefit, and discovered its properties to use on future planes,

but this has not yet been yet proven, since no planes known are this


Glenn Davis, a respected business man in Roswell, was called by a

friend, General Exon, asked how to seal and preserve bodies that have been

exposed to the alien materials. Davis did not know the answer to this question,

since he did not know much of the incident. Later that night he made a trip to

the base hospital, outside the back entrance he spotted two military vans with

the rear doors open, from which large pieces of wreckage protruded. Once inside

he encountered a young nurse whom which he knew, at the same instance, he was

noticed by military police which escorted him from the building.

The next day he met up with the nurse at a coffee shop. She explained

that she had been called upon to help two doctors disect to small bodies, which

she thought to be alien. She drew a diagram on a napkin showing an outline of

thier features. That meeting was to be thier last; as she was transferred to

England a few days later. Today the nurse would be sixty-nine years old.

Investigators are trying to locate her. Five nurses are pictured in the 1947

Roswell Air Field yearbook. The files of all five are strangely missing from

military records.

A couple of years ago a report on Fox television network broadcasted a

show called ?Alien Autopsy?.. This show was mainly about what happened to the

bodies which were recovered from the Roswell crash site. Bodies were showed

being dissected on video tape. The whole process of the dissection is like this:

One of the two people first examined the body. He then with a surgical knife,

cut open the neck down to the belly, and took out the organs. As for the head,

he found that the eyes of this body were covered with two black membranes, which

were easily removed with tweezers. Lastly, he cut open the scull and took out

the brain. The other person seemed to be responsible for recording the whole


People at first thought this whole movie was a joke until they opened

the bodies up. Steven Speilberg even stated:? There is no way these bodies

could be fake, due to the high complexity of the inner organs, not only would

it have been impossible then, it also practically impossible to replicate them

now, and if it were possible it would cost us millions of dollars to replicate,

or even try to replicate them.? Kodak film company has done their own testing on

the actual film on which the footage had been filmed. They had verified that the

film was made in the 1940’s. In the film, when it zoomed up on the bodies,

blurred. This was thought to purposely done to hide detail, but in fact cameras

in the 1940’s had no focus on objects that were to close to it. There were even

people who are claimed to be eyewitnesses of the crash of the UFO in Roswell,

and strongly believed that the body appeared in this film, was one of the three

found in this incident.

Even though there is a lot of information which points to the program

being real, there is a lot which point to its falsehood. The government wanted

to keep this at a very low-key. They still insisted that the crash in Roswell

was still a military balloon. However, a congressman wanted the government to

open all the document related to the Roswell Incident, the reply was that all of

documents were destroyed! What did the government want to cover? If they wanted

to cover the fact that aliens came to earth, why did they let the show air to

the public? Of course, if the film is false, it doesn’t matter.

There also some differences in the body in the broadcast, and the

descriptions from the witnesses. The most obvious is of which the fingers in the

movie have six fingers and toes, while the witnesses from Roswell said they had

only four. It is said that the UFO had exploded in the air, if that were the

case, then the bodies would have been severely burned. In? Alien Autopsy?, the

only injury on the body, was the cut on the right leg. The dissection room in

which it was taken was much too simple. The people in the movie are wearing

normal dissection clothes, if it were a true alien, then why not try to prevent

yourselves from catching some out of this world disease. Lastly, people say

that the bodies are to similar to human bodies, and that the bodies just might

be abnormal humans. Like many people do, we think aliens may look similar to us.

By chance there may be aliens that resemble us, or we may resemble them.

For obvious reasons, it is necessary that the military services and the

intelligence agencies impose a certain amount of secrecy. In recent decades,

however, many observers say: ?that the use of government secrecy has become

excessive. Secrecy tantamount to power and, like power, lends itself to abuse.

Behind the shield of secrecy, it is possible for an agency or service to avoid

scrutiny and essentially operate outside the law. Accountability to the

taxpayers, and to the Congress, can be conveniently avoided.? Perhaps this is a

major reason the U.S. annual ?black budget? has climbed to a staggering $25

billion a year.? Secrecy, like power, is not readily relinquished.

As we all know we will never know the true story of which happened in

Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, but it is up to us to decide for ourselves.

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