Реферат: Sky Is Gray Story Essay Research Paper

Sky Is Gray Story Essay, Research Paper

The story The Sky is Gray was a very interesting and somewhat sad story for me

to read. I was very interseted in James and his plight as a young colored boy in

the south. I was very impressed with the courage and fortitude in young James.

He tried his best to act like an example for his younger siblings. He thought

that he was the role model and he acted like it. James never cried in front of

his younger brother, and he never did shed a tear. Also, I was sadened by the

family?s economical status. They could barely afford the journey to town let

alone having a dentist remove a tooth. Nevertheless, James? mother found a way

and off they went. The mother seemed to be a very proud and hard-working person,

as she would not accept any hand-outs or help of any sort. I wasn?t exactly

sure of the significance of the book-reading character in the dentist office. He

was an educated person, and so I thouhgt he would have enough wealth to go the

other better dentist in town.

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