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Fool For Love By Sam Shepard Essay, Research Paper

Play overviewsPlay: Fool for Love by Sam ShepardSuper Objective:Eddie wants May to understand just how much he s gone through to come and seeher. He wants her realize his love for her even though he has done somethings that wouldcause her to doubt him. Eddie needs to be with May, she is a security for him and nomatter what he will keep coming back to her. Scene Objective:In this scene, Eddie is trying to get May to go with him to Wyoming. He wantsher to realize how good they are for each other and how much he needs her. He is doingthis by, basically sweet talking her, for example he says, I missed you more than anythingI ever missed in my whole life. The main problem with Eddie s plea is that he has had anaffair with another woman.Actor: Sarah OrsonCharacter: MayPlay: Fool for Love by Sam ShepardSuper Objective:May is the type of character who tries to stand up for what she believes in when infact you know she is truly torn. May is lonely, but does not want to settle for Eddie s

excuses. She promises herself she won t go back to him no matter what. When in the endEddie leaves and walks out on her. Scene Objective:In this scene, May wants Eddie to realize that she is not falling for his lame excusesanymore and she will not go away with him to Wyoming. No matter what Eddie says ordoes May will not let him get to her, she stands firm backing her answer of no. Line-by-Line actions:Eddie:pleadingMay:justificationEpreciseMrebuttalEexactMattitudeEsincereMgetting pulled in to Eddie s statementEexplainsMinterestedEsaid with a sense of insecurityMinquisitiveEflattersMconcernEfeebleMrejectsEstallsMreprimandsEminimizesMhumorEpreciseMfuriousEputs up his guardMstands strongEauthoritativeMindependentEinformativeMshe thinks he is ridiculousEshows his need for herMfeels she must explain herselfEsurpriseMfeels he thinks she can t handle a jobEretreatsMexplanationEputs her downMgives up

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