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Annie Essay, Research Paper

In Edger Allen Poe?s poem ?For Annie? it illustrates Poe?s life as being an illness, which has finally come to an end. For example, on lines 29 & 30 Poe writes, ?With a fever called ?Living? That burned in my brain?.. It?s odd how Poe reverses the ways of death and life. He feels that life is an illness and that death is a cure for the illness called life. I also felt, Poe believed that by dieing his life was not over, and his heart and thoughts are more alive in the after life. Edger Allen Poe seemed to have an immeasurable amount of love for Annie, and he will continue to live a happier life because of her love. As written by Poe on lines 95-102:

?But my heart it is brighter

Than all of the many

Stars in the sky,

For it sparkles with Annie-

It glows with the light

Of the love of my Annie-

With the thought of the light Of the eyes of my Annie.?

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