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Hitlers Germany Essay, Research Paper

One reason the people of Germany accepted Hitler’s orders willingly and without

question was beause it was what they wanted to hear. At the time the depression

set in they were looking for a scapegoat for all of their problems, and Hitler gave it

to them in the form of the Jew’s, gypsies, and other minorities. He blamed all the

economic and social troubles on these groups, even going so far as to say that they

caused Germany to lose the first world war.

Another reason they let themselves be so easily persuaded by Hitler was because

his policy of aggression and rearmament created the jobs he needed to fuel

Germany’s growing war machine. With his gaining of chancellorship and then the

death of von Hindinberg, he was in total control, and the people were at the mercy

of his will. They thought that as long as they were doing well, what does it matter

if a few others are tortured in the process?

Another factor that helped Hitler gain control of the people was the harshness that

the Treaty of Versailles imposed on Germany. The German people so resented it

that when Hitler offered them a way out of it, they followed him blindly, not

aware or not caring of the consequences. They must have felt pretty stupid the the

“thousand year reign” of Hitler’s Germany lasted only 12 short years.

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