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?Raving Is Not A Crime? Essay, Research Paper

Raving is Not a Crime

?Raving is Not a Crime? The statement ?Raving is Not a Crime? is written on several bumper stickers, posters, and t-shirts across America and undoubtedly, across the world. Those who see this message are given a negative undertone to what the rave scene is. All over the United States people are viewed as criminals because they rave. The purpose of this message isn?t necessarily to attract a certain group of people, but rather to promote the thought, will, and toleration that is part of the rave culture and overlooked by the rest of society. There is a conflict between the message ravers want to send and how society receives it. Ravers are not trying to send a direct message, but rather solely trying to portray themselves, only for their own happiness. Why should this bother society? The rave culture is built around a general moral policy? to love, to cherish, and to accept others and their differences, while welcoming change and variety. A rave is a personal utopia, where participants go to socialize, to dance, and to let loose all their inhibitions without worrying about being judged by others that cannot accept the fact that they are different. Some ravers do drugs; however, most get high on the atmosphere alone. It is an amazing experience and a chance to let go of fears and worries for at least a few hours. Many ravers dress in a way that is looked down upon by much of society. Big pants, beaded bracelets and necklaces, fairy wings, and unique hairstyles seem foreign to observers. The style of music and dance is also distinct, but not always accepted. Then again, not all ravers dress or look at all different from what society calls ?the everyday person?.. Raving is a state of mind, not the way someone dresses. Many people involved in the rave culture listen to ?Electronic? music. Some different types are ?trance?, ?house?, ?hip-hop?, and ?happy hardcore?.. One example of a ?rave dance? is ?liquid dancing? which is done when someone, basically, dances with their hands, using glow sticks. Ravers do not pay attention to how people think they dance. They dance along to how they feel the music. The music moves them, and many find this to be a very exhilarating and therapeutic exercise. These raves are held in legal clubs or venues. The promoters of these raves have also gone through many legal steps and gotten legal permission from the city or town in which the party will be held. Ravers are constantly bombarded with media reports suggesting that raves should be stopped. Those that place a negative emphasis on the rave culture are not upholding the intention of journalism, which is to provide the most accurate and reliable information to the people. Police departments in various states have been under pressure to end raves because of the influence of the media. The media has a very big impression on the way many people think. Perhaps they are the root of this problem, in that Americans see negativity in raves and the authorities then follow suit. Many states have actually tried to impose legislation that would limit the activity of ravers. The prevalence of drugs at the rave scene concerns the authorities. Why are we bound by laws and stereotypes against enjoying ourselves? As the rave scene gains more and more ground, it is also being labeled as a drug scene more than in the past, as well as a place of theft. The people taking advantage of the rave scene are what?s ruining it. How can one claim that a sub-culture based upon the ideals of Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect (PLUR) is in any way a threat to society? This can also be paralleled to the 60?s motto, Peace, Love, and Happiness. In the 60?s hippies dominated the scene. In one great aspect the ?hippie culture? can be compared to the rave culture. It was very free-minded and open. The greater percentage of the hippies was concentrated on accepting everyone and looking past the differences that separate us. Also, today plenty of people go out to bars every night, become intoxicated and then drive home after the bars close at 1 or 2 AM. Unlike the bars, raves are held throughout the night into the morning. This ensures that those ravers that do use drugs have the time to sober up before they have to leave and drive to their next destination. However unacceptable and illegal, the ravers who do these drugs usually have enough responsibility to have a designated driver so that if they are not put in a position with to have to drive. The bouncers and promoters of these parties also regulate drug use, by means of searches at the door, as well as watching out for illegal use throughout the night. And how many ravers commit hate crimes, or random acts of destruction? There aren?t many reports of such acts. Raving doesn?t just involve going to parties, getting high on drugs, and dancing. It?s a way of life–a way of life built around love and respect for themselves and for others, which extends beyond parties. These are people not to be looked down upon, but to be respected in that they have come to accept and welcome differences in a world with so much conflict. Maybe in the future, to achieve a better image of this rave culture more will be done to stop the usage of drugs.

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