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Happiness Essay, Research Paper

HarleyHall1st hr. Happiness Happiness, word that brings forth both joys, and at the same time miseries. Hedonism, anything that brings joy or pleasure to an individual, brings many responsibilities that society in is not prepared to take on. There are many reasons that happiness is an unrealistic goal in society. Some such instances are world peace, low crime, and freedom. These three instances are wanted throughout society, but existentialism, or free will, prevents them from happening. World peace is a major goal for society. Individuals however want to rule, or be above society. Once someones’ happiness clouds his/her judgement; other’s happiness is slew. Unknowingly we violate other’s happiness just to get happiness for ourselves hence, happiness is an unrealistic goal for society. Society is no ready for world peace. Lowering the crime rate is considered to be some people’s happiness.

However, crime is part of society in the idea that existentialism controls the world. It may not appear that free will is abundant in society but that is because of the mask of politics. Gangs in society are just cannon fodders hired by the government to create chaos in order to control society. Democracy is turning into a dictatorship because of the want of peace. Some people say that freedom causes happiness, I say bull. Sure freedom causes happiness for a minute amount of time, but then existentialism kicks in and chaos begins. People will fight to stay, or achieve freedom, but they don’t realize that they are hurting others to help themselves. Nations have gone to war for years just to achieve happiness but he/she doesn’t realize that they are killing other human beings. We see that happiness is a unreal goal for a civilization to be based around, and it causes chaos. World peace, low crime, and freedom are prime examples of why hedonism creates loss of itself. Society creates his/her own paradox by striving to achieve happiness through free will.

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