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Solutions 2 Essay, Research Paper

Even though the main area to attack is illiteracy we cannot ignore the other problems. To eliminate hunger and also boost the economy, the focus should be on new efficient farming methods so that more of the farmable land can be used. Improvements in farming equipment and methods, marketing, and transportation are needed to increase agricultural output; therefore, Ethiopia should form ties in the form of student exchanges with other first world nations. Once farmers produce more, they can afford to let their children attend school, breaking down illiteracy and all other major problems. Also, Ethiopia should spend money used on weapons for technical assistance in such areas as agriculture, education, and health.

To solve the population crisis and the health related problems, the government must take on the task of building more schools and educating more people. One main source of illiteracy is that in most places there is a shortage of schools, educational materials, and qualified teachers. If the government builds more schools, they would promote literacy throughout the nation. Furthermore, a great idea would be to encourage students by giving them grants to attend school and to study certain fields such as: medicine, business, and agriculture.

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