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Trip To Hospital Essay, Research Paper

Trip to the hospital

My trip to the hospital was ok it was required but I still went and I found out that when you go to the hospital. It isn?t just some place that when you go ijn you sign papers it a place that saves live.

When I went to the hospital I found out that when they take your blood it had to go threw s many thing that by the time you get the results you just didn?t know you had blood, you?ll know that had something else in the blood. And the place was they send the blood is a lab, and that?s been I said were they finding what else is in you blood.

Also when I went to the hospital they showed us the E.R.witch was pretty cool but nothing new for me because im all way?s in there for stupid reasons like doing dumb thing on my bike and

Just pane being dumb but then hearting my self and having to get a cast are stitches one time I broke my caluar bone for trying to do a 360 but I was dumb at the time.

And one more station we went to was were they deliver babies and they showed us the room were they do all that it looked like a motel to me but it was pretty cool and the first thing they do after the baby is out of the mother stomach they put her/him under a heat elevated heater to keep the baby warm and sometimes the let more than 2 people in to see the baby delivered but most of the time it is one. Well that?s my report on going to the hospital

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