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American Folklore Essay, Research Paper

Native American Folklore

Many cultures have morals set for the younger generations, to help aid them through life. Story telling, or folklore first explained most of these morals. Storytellers were the most important people because they told, drew, and sang messages to the younger people.

Parents or chiefs had to explain things to the young or followers why something happens, or why people do something or not. In the beginning of our nation rules and religion were told by words. All in all though all these stories and songs equal traditional beliefs. Different tribes use folklores for different things such as gods, beliefs, and heroes. Some of the same morals we have today could of came from a thousand years ago. These stories are carried through generations by word, song, books, and works of art such as statues and paintings.

In most tribes the storyteller is the most important person besides the chief because if he didn?t learn the knowledge several years of history would be lost. Not only are these tales just for learning they can be enjoyed as fun. Most the time they are used for fun, but whoever is telling the story hopes that a message will be learned. Don?t just make the assertion that all folk tales are just for fun.

People have a lot to thank the natives about. They are the ones who established morals, and rules for following generations. As people we need to appreciate what they have done for us.

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