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Puerto Rico Essay, Research Paper

PUERTO RICOAmong all the Caribbean territories Puerto Rico has the closest association with the United States. In 1952 a new constitution made Puerto Rico an autonomous part of the United States called the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico. This subtropical island has developed into the only Caribbean island where industry and commerce exceed primary agricultural production. The island and its approximately 3.3 million citizens are self-governed as a free associated state of the United States. The people of Puerto Rico have a love of their country, or patria, that accepts the free association with the mainland but emphasizes loyalty to their own culture, way of life, spirit, folklore, hospitality, and ways of getting along with others. Many Puerto Ricans move between the island and United States mainland to get the “best of both worlds” culture, identity, and a familiar environment in the former; material wealth, education, acquisition of skills, and opportunities for their children from temporary residence in the United States. Many return to the Caribbean; many stay in the United States; and the constant circulation of Puerto Ricans between homes is now an enduring feature of the island’s experience.

Economically Puerto Rico has a greater variety of industrial, commercial, and financial service activities and a better developed transportation network than other Caribbean islands. Statistics show that it has some of the most favorable economic and demographic conditions in Latin America and the Caribbean. In comparison to the United States, however, Puerto Rico’s position is still below that of the poorest state of the Union, Mississippi.

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