Реферат: Democracy From All 7 Political Points Essay

Democracy From All 7 Political Points Essay, Research Paper

Democracy. The word comes from the Latin words demos, meaning the people, and kratein, meaning to rule. In true democracy, the people rule the country in any form of government they choose to establish. Of course, not everyone always agrees on everything, so a vote will decide, with majority ruling. Everyone gets a say, but not everyone always gets what they want all the time.

Anarchist response:

Everyone gets a say, and everybody should get what he or she wants! It doesn t matter if other people want something else; people should get what they want! If we let the majority rule, we ll get a whole bunch of power-hungry politicians taking advantage of the mostly na ve general population. They will say whatever the public wants to hear to get their votes and take their power. Then of course, they will not follow through on their promises. They will have the power, and the only way for the people to get it back is to wait for another election, or to have a revolution. This will get us nowhere, because we will end up back where we started. People have to have actual power, not just the illusion of control.

Communist response:

Ok, people don t ever get what they want. No matter who it is there will always be something they want but can not have. People should, however, always get what they need. Who has the power isn t as important as what people get. As for the voting part, there are much more productive things for people to do than to vote. Most votes will only affect certain people, and many people could care less or know less about many things. It s best to leave the power in more capable hands and let people live their lives without having to worry about politics. The point is not to live in a society where people can waste their time arguing about the country. The point is for everyone to give what they have, and take what they need.

Socialist Response:

People should stick to what they know best. Let engineers engineer, farmers farm, builders build, and leave organizing a country to people who know how to organize a country. People don t need power per say to have an influence on the government. If people are upset, the government should try to accommodate them. That is their job, so that s what they should do. Not everyone knows it, but most people don t really want the burdens of time consuming decisions regarding a country s course of action. Most people want to live their lives and leave things like that to other people. As long as people get what they need to live, it s all good.

Liberal response:

The power should be in the people. They can do whatever they want with it. They can elect whomever they want; knowing that it was the people who brought him into power. The point is that people get to decide. Everything would be all too easy if everyone always agreed on everything, so the best way to go is to try to make the best solution that more people like than don t like. People can always want anything. They should not expect to always get it, but if they don t even try, then what s the point at all? Someone s little problem just might be a big issue that has never been brought up. People should always feel as though they have say. If changes need to be made, the people must have the power to do so.

Conservative Response:

If it ain t broke, don t fix it! Why would people want to vote on something new if the old way forks fine? Of course people will change over time, but the government are people too. They will change slowly over time with the populace. The only time people will think they need to change more is when some unsettling loud-mouthed revolutionary puts ideas into their heads. If we have lived the same way foe decades, why would it all of a sudden be wrong? It s not the fault of the government, they haven t changed. If people were given the power, the nation would be changing too fast for anyone to handle and it would spiral out of control.

National-Socialist response:

People instinctively need to be lead. Most people can t make their own decisions, let alone decisions that affect the entire country. People need to be told what to do. Not everyone thinks this though. Rules need to be enforced to keep order. Deep down, it s what everyone really wants. Not necessarily in a masochistic sense, but in that they are not capable of managing themselves. People should not speak out against their country, they are wrong and they don t know it. People must not be given power to make the decisions. It is not what they want; only what they think they want.

Fascist response:

Matters such as politics are best kept away from the general population. They can not even begin to comprehend what goes on. People should just do what they are told, and the country will run more smoothly, efficiently, and productively. If action needs to be taken to keep people in order, so be it. People getting what they think they want will only take away from the country and slow it down. The people are incompetent when it comes to political decisions and should therefore not be given power are they will surely misuse it.


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