Реферат: Romeo And Juliet 5 Essay Research Paper

Romeo And Juliet 5 Essay, Research Paper

The theme of Romeo and Juliet is love and violence. This movie is set in our modern time. The director did an exceptional job commingling the old text of senescent English to that of our newfangled lifestyle and dress. The director changed nothing except the weapons that were used and the prevalent attire. The director used guns instead of sweords which made the movie all the more exciting. It was a noteworthy culmination on the director’s behalf and this rendering of Romeo and Juliet was the best that I have seen.

In this version you can really appreciate the significant violence of Romeo and Juliet. The violence of this story is very important and the use of modern weaponry made the story even more believable. The violence when the Montegules and the Capulets encountered was very regaling. The violence of their deaths was a true masterpiece. There was no way that this film could have been done any better.

This version of the film makes the patois of Old English very perspicuous. This film made the vernacular jargon of poetic locutions very understandable. I can become close allies with Romeo and understand his exhortation to be accepted. I can connect with Juliet and I can lament with her fervor for Romeo. This was the greatest Shakespeare film ever made and shall become a classic example of the modern era versus the old and antiquated lifestyle.

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