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The Backstreet Boys Essay, Research Paper

The Backstreet Boys

The Backstreet Boys have come to stand for fantastic pop and R&B music, mind-

blowing videos, unbeatable live shows, strong devoted faith to God, and millions of

loving fans. The Backstreet Boys have a mighty powerful faith in God. They have

personal values in life based on their own experiences. The songs and the messages that

they portray deal with love and spirituality. The members of the group love, respect and

consider each other family. They shared a lot of experiences and learned from one


Their personal values in life are based on their own experiences, which have had

a big impact on how the Backstreet Boys write their music. Brian feels he has a lot to

thank God for. He was born with a heart murmur, and the doctors didn t even know

about it until Brian cracked his head open on the sidewalk and was rushed to the hospital.

At the hospital complications arose and Brian got a blood infection. He had no chance of

survival, but unexpectedly Brian pulled through and surprised everyone. However, in

May 1998 it was announced that Brian would have to undergo heart surgery. Fans all

over the world were relieved when Brian came through the surgery just fine.

Each member of the Backstreet Boys value their families and friends because they

are away from them all the time, while they are on tour.

In their new album titled Millennium, Brian wrote a song for his mother called

Perfect Fan.

God has been so good

Blessing me with a family

Who did all they could

And I ve had many years of grace

And it flatters me when I see a smile on your face

I wanna thank you for what you ve done

In hopes I can give back to you

And be the perfect son. (Perfect Fan 18-25)

Brian wrote these lyrics for his mother, but the whole group felt that it expressed what

they also want to say to their mothers. The song was acknowledging how they felt

towards their mothers. It reveled that theirs not one day that passed by that they didn t

think of her. The Backstreet Boys were expressing their love and gratitude for their

mothers. The members of the Backstreet Boys also were notifying their moms that they

were the men they are now because of what their mothers have taught them,

independence and spirituality.

The Backstreet Boys value and strongly believe in God. He blessed them with

many gifts and talents. The Backstreet Boys never seem to forget that, every time they

receive an award of some kind or release a new album they express their gratitude to God

First and foremost, I wish to thank our Lord and Savior,

Jesus Christ for allowing myself, my family and my four

brothers to see things this far and prosperous. (McLean 8)

The members of the Backstreet Boys respect and consider each other as family.

Not only do they support one another; they are also into helping out their community.

Ever since they started, they ve taken time from their hectic schedules to raise money and

awareness for different causes. They actually pitched in at Christmas in April, a

community cleanup project in Cleveland, and they performed for Nickelodeon s

The Big Help in Los Angeles. These guys are super willing to do whatever they can!

(Alison 41) In order to have a successful group or a career the members must feel firm

reliance on the integrity of the other members in the group. Considering and treating

each other as brothers, the Backstreet Boys definitely have a sense of trust and loyalty to

one another.

The lyrics in the songs and messages that the Backstreet Boys portray, deal with

love and spirituality. The song I ll Never Break Your Heart deals with a young man

asking a girl for a chance in hopes he could prove to her that he loves her. The young

man knows that the girl is hurting inside, but he wants a chance with her.

Baby I know you are hurting

Right now you feel like you could never

love again

Now all I ask is for a chance

To prove that I love you. (I ll Never Break Your Heart 1-5)

The song All I Have To Give was about strong loyalty and dedication of love,

coming from a young man to a girl that was already dating another man. But the girl s

boyfriend was treating her with disrespect and discourtesy. Even though the boyfriend

bought her expensive things, he treated her wrong and it was hurting her emotionally.

On the other hand the young man was willing to give her his unconditional love, if she

only would give him a chance.

But my love is all I have to give

Without you I don t think I can live

I wish I could give the world to you but

Love is all I have to give

I don t want you to cry no more inside

All the money in the world could never add up to the love

I have inside I love you. (All I Have To Give 9-14)

Larger Than Life by the Backstreet Boys has a spiritual meaning for the

millions of devoted fans to them. This song was dedicated to the fans convincing them

that they are truly responsible for their success. In this song the Backstreet Boys were

thanking their fans for their smiles, their tears, their love and cheers which kept them

going nonstop. But also tell their fans about the harsh reality of being famous.

All you people can t you see, can t you see

How your love s affecting our reality

Every time we re down

You can make it right

And that makes you larger than life (Larger Than Life 6-10)

In their musical career to date, the Backstreet Boys have enjoyed amazing chart

success across the globe and received many awards for their awesome performances.

Their music is very positive and spiritual towards any age group. The Backstreet Boys

consider each other family and get along great, therefore they are portrayed by the media

and others as role models in life.

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