Реферат: CompareContrast Fascism Vs Communism Essay Research Paper

Compare/Contrast Fascism Vs. Communism Essay, Research Paper

Democratic governments depleted as poor conditions ran across the world. The great depression forced many people to be frustrated with a democracy. They wanted change and a new era. A quick way out of the economic problems that they faced. This would be accomplished with the new governments of nazism, fascism, and communism.

These governments had many similarities to obtain what was to be accomplished. Both systems advocated dictatorial one-party rule. They wanted absolute power in the country; thus, it allowed them the strength to control the people and control the levels of security in the country. These governments denied individual rights and insisted on the supremacy of the state. Countries with these governments scorned and hated democratic type governments. Culturally, they had secret police, censorship, and propaganda methods to control the population. Politically, nationalism was the base of each government.

Both governments were formed for the “new” poor class after the Great Depression with differences that made them archenemies of one another. Fascists did not seek a classless society, unlike the communists. Instead, they believed that each class had its own distinct place and function. Communism claimed to be a dictatorship of the workers. Communists hoped to unite workers of all countries while fascists allied themselves with aristocrats and industrialists. Even though some preferred fascism over communism or vice versa, they both did their job of solving a countries’ economic problems; however, the people paid a huge price for fixing economic distress. They sacrificed freedom and liberty to the government.

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