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Chuck Noll, Great Coach Essay, Research Paper

According to Chuck Noll, the key to a successful professional football team is good management, fairness to team members and team co-operation. Without these three important factors, your team may be doomed from the first time it sets foot on the field.

Ever since the beginning of his career, Chuck Noll has never needed to drastically change his coaching style. He went in knowing he would have to have a very good management plan. As he states, if you don t produce, you don t last, no matter what your past accomplishments are. With his good management plan, many of his players trusted him with their high paying jobs. To make sure his management stayed compliant to all the players needs, he would make minor changes to his coaching style. Such as one time he accidentally let it slip that one of his players missed a key play in the game, and ever since he did that, he vowed to never do that again. So good management has proved in the long run to be a good way to run a team.

Fairness to team members is also another key factor to a successful professional football team. If you treat team members unfairly and give benefits to those who are more your key or star players, your team will lose faith in you and let you down in the key times you need the team. Chuck Noll has always believed in being fair and equal to all members on the team. One time one of the star players on the team missed his curfew by 5 minutes because he was out having a pizza. Chuck could have given him a break and said, Well don t let this happen again, but he didn t. He realized that this wouldn t be fair to the rest of the team. Instead, he gave the player a $50 fine, which the player paid without an objection. That is what makes Chuck Noll a fair coach in every sense of the game.

Good management and team fairness have their payoffs in the long run. One of those payoffs is team co-operation. If you treat a team right, they will repay you with trust and respect. All levels of a team have to work together, and if one of those levels falls behind, the rest of the team has to bring that level back up to speed. One good leader that brought level s back up to speed was Lambert. If a few guys were in the huddle joking around, Lambert would be the one to slap their wrists and get their heads back in the game. When there is good management and team fairness supporting a professional football team, that team will fight and give back exactly what you give to them.

Chuck Noll will be known as one of the best coaches of all time, and he did it through his ways of coaching. He always utilized good management, team fairness and team co-operation which lead his team to many victories and lead him to coach stardom.

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